Freelance Product Promotions is a service solely based on you! We provide a source and platform that isn't based upon one genre or brand. Freelance Product Promotions except all genres of music and businesses. We at Freelance Product Promotions understand that starting a business/brand or even growing a business/brand can can be difficult maybe even over whelming. We are here to take a load off your shoulders and help you realize your not in this alone. With a full page blog on your product, brand, or business as well as a full 7 day promotion we ensure change. 

  • Full Page Quality Blog on
  • Full 7 Day Promotion
  • Audience/Customer Engagements  
  • New Listeners/ New Customers


An indie music blog with dedicated listeners can be a great tool for an up and coming musician due to the fact that the listeners already understand that the music they'll find on these blogs is most likely not on the radio yet. They embrace it, and enjoy supporting new undiscovered music they can share with their friends. We allow you to submit a song along with your story and provide a different way to exploit it!!

  • 7 day Promotion
  • Full Page Blog
  • Promoted On 4 Different Sites
  • Audience Engagement 
  • New Listeners


We offer YouTube promotion designed for any and all types of music video's. Whether you are seeking YouTube promotion for a commercial video or Hip Hop/R&B music video our company gives you the opportunity for real growth. We offer real and authentic YouTube Promotion designed for all genres. Our goal is to offer you affordable YouTube promotion that works, designed to increase your engagement organically. That means real YouTube views, real YouTube subscribers, real YouTube likes and real YouTube comments.

  • New Real Viewers
  • Full Page Blog
  • 7 Day Promotion
  • Promoted On 4 Different Sites



At Freelance Product Promotions we offer business and product promotion designed for any and all types of music businesses. Whether you are looking to let folks know about a single product of yours or even if your seeking promotion for your entire business our company gives your company the opportunity for real growth. 

  • Full 7 Day Promotion
  • Full One Page Blog About Product or Business
  • Promoted On 4 Different Websites
  • Potential for New/More Customers 
  • Business Growth 


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Upon submission you will receive an email confirming your submission. Then we will go further by asking you a few basic questions about your business, product, brand, or music. You will also be asked to provide your best professional photos, along with any links/videos you may have in which you can be contacted or viewed. 

Once you reply with your answers, links and pics; We will immediately get started and move forward. You will continuously receive email updates after each process: Example: After questions, photos, links/videos are received you will receive an email | After we have completed your blog you will receive an email, etc.